Things I Like
Gouache and acrylic on paper

An illustrated poem commissioned to accompany the following text:

"I like surprises. I like snow that melts off the sidewalk before I have to shovel it. I like second helpings. I like the lazy way you eat a Chocolate Banana Royale Sundae (with melted marshmallow), but the earnest way you eat a double scoop ice cream cone. I like how biking fast downhill makes you feel like a kid again. I like how everyone has to tip their heads sideways to eat a taco. I like friends arriving. I like how clouds turn to raindrops trying to get over tall mountains. I like couching on a Friday night. I like thunder when it’s raining. I like how butter melts on toast. I like quiet night time radio (CBC) while making dinner. I like the sound of the back door opening signifying someone’s just come home. I like a slight breeze. I like the sound of a far off playground on a sunny summer afternoon. I like black cars in the shade. And I like socks, yup, socks are good too."

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