Moon Rabbits
Ink on paper

Moon Rabbits  is an American Illustration 39 winner! Thank you American Illustration and jurors. View the other amazing illustrated works, including mine, in the archive at American Illustration 39 Winners slideshow.

Tsuki no Usagi

Tsuki no Usagi is a Japanese myth about the rabbit on the moon. The myth tells a story of the man on the moon that visited Earth and asked the animals for food. The rabbit, unable to provide food for the man, sacrificed himself as the food. Surprised and moved by the rabbit's sacrifice, the man invited the rabbit to live on the moon with him. Now up on the moon, the rabbit pounds rice cakes. With this illustration, I imagined the aftermath of the story, showing a rabbit populated moon, roaming the rice-covered surface.

For more information about Tsuki no Usagi, and other interpretations of the moon rabbit myth through the lens of different cultures:
The Moon Rabbit in Legend and Culture

Clusters of tiny circles

The technique use in the background began as a doodle I drew during class lectures. The tiny circles were a quick, simple and most importantly, discreet. Soon I became a bit addicted to drawing these circles everywhere and also became mesmerized by the forms I could create with plain circles. I liked the illusion of creating solid shape with a linear pattern.

This doodle was also inspired by my fascination with trypophobia, the fear of tiny holes (more specifically clustered together). I've always thought it was interesting what people had aversions to, and wondered if my mindless doodle could affect someone greatly.

Doodles from class.

Rabbits before the background.

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