Inner Thoughts
Mural (Collaboration with Athena Leung)

The Staircase Mural Project

Inner Thoughts is a mural design created by Athena Leung and I as part of OCAD University's "Staircase Mural Project" organized by Jon Todd.

Todd's goal was to beautify OCAD's graffitied stairwells and give students the chance to apply their illustration skills on a bigger scale. For this mural a fellow OCAD illustrator, Athena Leung, and I collaborated on a design to go along the stairs. We found the diagonal layout the most dynamic format to follow, and a good challenge to illustrate in a non-rectangular shape.

Specs: 144" x 88" angled staircase bannister. Design must be a floating image using 5 or less colours.

Collaboration and Creative Process

Our concept was to image the inner mind of an OCAD student. We wanted to create a tangled design with characters intertwined in-between, representing the thoughts and ideas in our heads. Though it looks chaotic and stressful, the mindset is fun and cheerful, shown through the colour palette.

After the ideation, I made a rough sketch of the intertwined 'noodles' to work as a base for our characters. Athena and I got together to create a unique set of characters that blended both of our styles. Everything was then moved to Photoshop to play around with how the characters would fit into the 'noodles'. A plan was made, leading to the final linear and colour compositions. 

Find more of Athena's work: 

Rough design of the base

Athena's character sketches

My character sketches

To be painted in 2020!

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