Bored for Good

Bored for Good is a collection of illustrations circling around the concept about the positivity of boredom. By reimagining boring scenarios that many have experienced in everyday life, the illustrations reveal the positive outcomes of the negative state of mind, and how being bored can make us better people.

This project was for my thesis at OCAD University with Lauchie Reid.

Through my final year of university, I was able to find what worked best for my creative process and image making. Research and constant sketching in a process journal guided all of my illustrations. After fleshing out all my thoughts and ideas, no matter how obscure or common, the strongest sketches were taken to the linear phase. The linear drawings were then revised and re-drawn for the final. The illustrations included analog and digital techniques to achieve an organic art style while sustaining the clarity of the piece. Some of the pieces were painted by hand in gouache, acrylic or watercolour. Others were painted in black and white with watercolour washes and coloured digitally on Photoshop.

Bored for Good is a part of the OCAD Illustration website, which features all the of the OCAD illustrator thesis works. Check out mine and the other 2020 grads at

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