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I'm a Chinese-Canadian illustrator and story artist based in Toronto, Canada. 

Influenced by my introverted personality, I use art as a way to communicate my thoughts and as a tool for storytelling. Focusing on themes of the anxious mind and the lovely mundane, my illustrations are an exploration of the visual voice and how we share stories. 

My work is grounded in analog techniques such as drawing and painting, mainly using gouache and acrylic. I also create digital illustrations, animations, and videos using Adobe Suite and Procreate.

Outside of illustration, I find time to practice my other interests such as fine art painting and video editing. When I'm not drawing, I'm eating bread and finding dogs to pet. 

Email: cassluiart@gmail.com
Instagram: @cassluiart
Youtube: casslui
LinkedIn: Cassandra Lui

2020 BDes Illustration OCAD University

2020 GradEx 105 Student Film Series, OCAD U LiVE
2020 American Illustration 39 Chosen
2020 GradEx 105, OCAD University
2019 Toronto Comic Arts Festival
2018 The Portrait Show, OCAD University
2015 InterGenerational Art Event and Sale, Mississauga

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