Pretty Practice
Acrylic on canvas
36" x 48"

Pretty Practice explores the glamorization of workaholic culture. The oversharing of the extended time we spend working or the hours of sleep we miss become a point of pride to prove how committed you are to your work. Though the act of overworking appears to be a positive, the underlying fact is that workaholism is damaging to our physical and mental health and rooted in negative habits like procrastination. 

In today’s day and age where sharing personal moments are normal, this painting shows an intimate setting of the subject working away in their bedroom. This quiet moment would usually stay personal, but in this case, is shared on a large scale, reinforcing the idea of glamourizing and showing-off a bad habit.

Pretty Practice is painted with a pink tint, to mimic the idiom of ‘looking through rose-coloured glasses.’ This saying refers to an optimistic perception of something and often thinking of it as better than it actually is. Relating to the painting, this rosy view of workaholism is linked to the praise we receive and our personal positive feeling of working to our limits. Over time, as we continue to exhibit this habit, our health declines, yet we still keep pushing on because it’s viewed as something good, maybe even beautiful. Pretty Practice depicts the habit of workaholism through a rose-tinted lens, romanticizing and obscuring the chaos and negativity that is behind the facade of dedication. 

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