Refined Fool Brewery Co. beer can re-design
Gouache and acrylic on paint - mock made in Photoshop

Re-designed Packaging

For this assignment, I was tasked to re-design a popular and local brewery's packaging. I chose Refined Fool Brewery Co. because of their incredibly unique and creative titles for their beers, lagers and ales. Though their current branding and logo of a top hat against coloured stripes is clean and classic, I felt they could benefit from a more illustrative and fun twist to catch the customer off-guard just like the title do.

The project was limited to the use of 4 colours to minimize printing cost, so by using them in overlays, I was able to maximize the 4 chosen colours. I also use the silver of the can to add another colour to the mix and create different textures. The matte colour of the printed illustration stands out against the glossy can.

Cool Handshake, Get Out of my Bathroom

This drink is described as an all-day lager that is bright, crisp and refreshing. The blue and purple colour scheme reflects the cool vibe of this drink. From the front of the can, only and innocent handshake can be seen, But as the can rotates, it reveal a funny moment between 2 overly-friendly bathroom goers.

Cherry Troll

This drink is described a as cherry infused variant of Refined Fool's popular Cream Ale. Inspired by Dutch troll dolls, I synthesized their iconic troll hair with a cherry dipped soft-served ice cream swirl to reflect the flavour and cream ale this drink is based on.

This assignment has no affiliation with Refined Fool Brewery Co. and is only an assignment done at OCAD.

Check out Refined Fool Brewery Co. for more funky named drinks and to support local businesses!

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