2 of Hearts Part 1 and 2 
Stop motion animation

A Quarantine Project

2 of Hearts was created during the COVID quarantine. I wanted to keep myself occupied with projects that took lots of time to make the days feel more productive. I've always had an interest and admiration for stop motion animation and wanted to try it myself.

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Part 1 : The Cards

All the pieces for the stop motion are handmade with colour pencils and thick watercolour paper. The tooth of the paper was intentionally emphasized through with the pencils to create a 'patchy' texture in the shapes so when they were animated, there would be more visual interest, rather than solid shapes that could be digitally created.

Part 1  took a total of 31 cards that acted as each of the frames. The help of a light table allowed me to get a sneak peek as to how the shapes were going to move and after creating a mock-up video in Photoshop, I filled in the choppier sections with additional frames with in-between movements to smooth out the animation.

Part 2 : The Carton

Making the carton made the project feel like more of a finished product. The carton takes inspiration from the classic 'Bicycle' playing cards and is handmade to perfectly fit all 31 cards from Part 1

The stop motion animation shows off the packaging along side the deck of cards and also gave me a chance to animate with physical objects.

Flat-lay of the carton before the glue-up

Using Format